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Cuban food is definitely one of my favorites! Since I grew up in South Florida, my cooking and food choices are heavily influenced by the Cuban cuisine. Here are the food items or dishes that these people tried:
1) Croquetas de jamon
2) Jupina pineapple soda
3) Yuca con mojo
4) Materva yerba mate soda
5) Sandwich Cubano
6) Ropa vieja
7) Cafe Cubano

1) Croquetas de jamon

These amazing little things are lightly breaded and fried. Filled inside of the croqueta is minced ham. It's a little crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. It's basically breaded heaven, tbh.

2) Jupiña pineapple soda

This is a sweet, soft drink with a bite of pineapple. It's a very popular soft drink in Cuba, and it's no wonder why -- it taste like a carbonated island.

3) Yuca con mojo

Yuca is a starchy root, which is soaked in in a mix of garlic, lime, and olive oil. The yuca is simmered until tender for about 30 minutes. It's a delightful dish with a kick of perfect flavors.

4) Materva yerba mate soda

Materva is a made from yerba-mate, a tea. It's a soft drink that's sweet. The taste closely resembles ginger ale.

5) Sandwich Cubano

The Cuban sandwich is the king of all sandwiches. It's made with both savory ham and roasted pork. Amongst the meat layers are multiple slices of swiss cheese that's melted within the hot- pressed sandwich. If you're a pickle lover, this sandwich also has a few slices of pickle slices.

6) Ropa vieja

This is a meat-based dish made with shredded flank steak, which is soaked and slowly cooked in tomato sauce. Cooked for about from a minimum of four hours, every bite is juicy eruption of flavors. One of my favs!

7) Café Cubano

Cafe Cubano is stronger, sweeter, and tastier than any kind of coffee your lips will ever meet. It is an espresso from Cuba and it's typically served at the end of a meal. If you thought coffee can no longer wake you up, you need to try cafe cubano!
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If you have ever tried Cuban food, what's your favorite?

For me, I love ropa vieja and yuca con mojo!
Alright, looks like I am having Cuban food for dinner tonight. :)