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ive been out of work and mostly in bed since friday... i fave been running a fever and coughing really bad.
and all my senses are weird. like everything just smells aweful and looks different and sounds different. my body aches all over.
i called into yesterday and they said i needed a doctors note. i had a small mental breakdown yesterday and all day i have wanted to just cry.
so i went to the doctor today and they said i have pneumonia and cant go back to work for a week. so im quarantined at home until next wednesday. idk what to do.... everything hurts and i cant sleep.... ugh... sorry... im just miserable...
hope you feel Better
awww please feel better!!
drama marathon. feel better!!!
I hope you're feeling better. :( I actually just got done recovering from bronchitis myself. If you're still having trouble sleeping, there is a tea that is suppose to knock you out. In a pot of hot water, boil oregano, and some garlic (just a couple of cloves I think). It's ready once it's boiled for a few minutes. add honey (preferably), or sugar to hide the taste. :) @SharayahTodd
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