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What Is This Clown Thinking?

It's Wednesday, which means it's time for this week's Funny Caption Challenge!

Each week, I post a new photo for all of you to submit funny captions to. Feel free to comment with as many caption ideas as you'd like, and the caption that receives the most 'likes' by Friday at midnight EST will be this week's Funny Caption Champion!
Last week, the winner was @ChristopherSuta. This week, will it be YOU?
(Also, a deep apology to fellow Vinglers who hate clowns. I hope we can still be friends.)

Let's gooooooooooo!!!!

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Does this train go DownClown
2 years ago·Reply
"My friends suck, I could have fit in the car, there was only 10 of us..."
2 years ago·Reply
"Giving away Nightmares here! Free nightmares!"
2 years ago·Reply
This is what happens when an unstoppable train meets an immovable clown.
2 years ago·Reply
They said if you stick out your hand, "the taxi will stop for you". Am I doing something wrong?
2 years ago·Reply
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