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Okay, so I'm falling a bit behind, but this weekend I'll completely catch up and even get ahead a little bit I should think.
So, Day 13's Challenge was: List my 2 fave MV's and why, so, here we go.
My two favorite MV's are....*drumroll*
Love Equation!
I love this MV soooooo much. I watched the original R.ef's Farewell Formula. It was good, to be fair, it was the original, lol. However, I really loved the remake by VIXX! I mean, I know that they are supposed to be the...was it Princes' of Darkness? Well, something like that, but they always do such a great job as a cute group.
PLUS, I feel that Hyuk always gets more screen time in MV's on cuter songs/MV's. If you don't believe me, watch Hyde, Voodoo Doll, and On and On just as an example, and then compare that to Rock 'Ur Body, Love Equation, and G.R.8.U
And second, I loved, loved, LOVED Girls, Why?.
I actually found this one only recently, thanks to this challenge, actually. (@byeolbit) However, it has quickly made its way to my ultimate favorites list. I love the concept and how cute it is. Of course, it also makes for some great screen time for our favorite guys!
Day 14: My favorite 5 Songs
This was super, duper, fantastically HARD to choose. Really, I don't only have 5 favorite songs, but I had to choose and I did, with great difficulty. So here we go, my 5 favorite VIXX tracks are:
1. Love Equation
2. In the Cold Night
3. Love Letter
4. Girls, Why?
5. G.R.8.U
However, there are MANY songs that I enjoy, so please don't just limit it to these for me. Also, I realize that the majority of mine are either slow or cute, but don't think I don't have a special place in my heart for their Dark Side at all. ;)
Honorable mentions: Rock 'Ur Body, Beautiful Liar, My Light, Memory, Error, Eternity, Voodoo Doll, Hyde, On and On...
Hope you enjoyed! I have a special idea for Day 15, so please look forward to it!