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So..I've been here for like a month. And I love it! Its like each part of us is a part of the family. The motherly ones who defends us haters. The sisterly peeps who always brings in the comebacks, gossip and news. The little kids who scavenger for golden videos for us to cry over, laugh like crazy at and just plain fangirl. The daddies who keeps the family fun by making challenges. The Grannies who always talk about the past kpop. And yeah, I'm thankful. Thankful for an amazing family. For people out there who gets really shy whenever a person stares at you like you're crazy whenever you fangirl like the boss you are. Well guess what? We're all crazy..
What on Earth I wasn't expecting this card to make me tear up omg. *GIANT VINGLE FAMILY HUG* AHHHHHHHH
does this make me a vixx daddy????? this is so sweet ;;;;; ♡
Gah!!! this is to cute!!! And one more member to include the granny who always talk about the glory of past k-pops. ;)