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I have been greatly anticipating this day. So a lot of people I think (I've only read @kpopandkimchi) went with the concept that you'd be in South Korea. But I thought, really, how am I supposed to decide what we'd do for a day, if I don't know anything about the area? So, I decided to go ahead and assume they were visiting me where I live, and went with that idea.
So I live in the USA, in Missouri, which is nearly in the center of the United States:
These are maps of where Missouri is located within the Unites States, and a closer look at the area with a second map. I live about 15 minutes from Springfield, which you will see in the lower middle half of the state. But I also live about an hour away from a major tourist town, called Branson. It is known for it's cultural and tourist attractions, but the most popular and famous one is Silver Dollar City (SDC).
It has rides, including water rides and roller coasters, musical shows, regular shows, blacksmithing, glass-blowing, and even being able to dress up and take old-fashioned photos.
So, what I would do, is throw them all in a vehicle, drive an hour to Branson, pay for their tickets (totally worth it), and give them all about $40 of spending money for food, souvenirs, snacks, etc. Then, I’d take them all aside and give them a brochure of the park with all of the times of shows and it includes a map of the park. I would schedule us all to take the cave tour, and then let them be free. If they wanted to stick together, power be to them, if not, they could use their phones/communication devices to keep in touch, and then scatter. I’d make sure also, that Hongbin’s camera had loads of fun pictures. I mean, can you imagine N on a roller coaster, sitting next to Leo? Oh my goodness, that’d be hilarious – I would have to get a picture of that! Then, at the end of the day, we’d all meet up at the end of the day and take old-fashioned photos, and then they could sleep in the car on the way back to my own house, where I'd put them up for the day/night and make sure they got a good, hearty breakfast the next morning before I sent them off. Hopefully, they'd have lots of fun memories and have a unique idea of the USA, which most foreigners don't get.
Now, you may be thinking “the point is to spend the day with them, right?” well, you’d be right, but at the same time as a fan, I’m aware, and I know we’re all aware, that our favorite boys almost never get a chance to have good, honest fun. I mean, they enjoy their jobs, but we know that often times they skip sleep and food in order to meet deadlines and to follow a strict schedule. So for me, the real treat wouldn’t necessarily be to hang out with them all day, as much as it would be to see them just having fun like the young men that they are. Still, I’d be sure to get my own pictures! ;)
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omg i would pay so much money to see vixx dressed up in those costumes and take a really serious picture hahaha this sounds like a fun day!!