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Remember how much fun it was to be scared when you were little?

There was something about watching my cartoon heroes defeat the villains, despite how scary they could be. It was awesome to know that nothing could stop Batman or Spidey! But there was also something really fun about getting scared... unless that was just me?


I loved all of Batman's villains, but Bane scared the crap out of me! I'm not sure if it was the fact that he had this mindless rage, or maybe I was subconsciously aware that steroids are really bad for you, but whenever he was in an episode I was terrified!

The Kingpin

I give full credit to the voice actor on this one, because just hearing Fisk's voice made me nervous! He really shouldn't be such a good villain... he kind of just pays people to do terrible things so he can make more money. But he's so BIG.

Did anyone scare you when you were little?

I'm talking nightmare fuel. Obviously the villains were supposed to freak us out a little, but which ones really got to you?
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@Arellano1052 so true... there's a lot of catharsis you get from books that real life doesn't always deliver... and at least we know he didn't die in vain T_T
But... But.... Their kid.... ;-;
I admit there was once where u thought joker was freaky as hell when I was younger !!!馃槶馃榿馃拋
@Arellano1052 OH NO TEDDY T_T
@Marichel so true though! That laugh still haunts me a little...