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can suju do anything wrong??? never!!!! and magic is so exception. it's so good!!!
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I know. the youngest is kyuhyun and he's 28
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Heechul's hair slaaays me
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donghae has become my bias wrecker lately! he keeps making me betray my kyuhyun and siwon.
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The song, the M/V, their voices, outfit...oh my heart is clenching....I realized how much I'm gonna miss them.... *sniffs* Anyways, I realized how Donghae sometimes sings first in almost every song O_o which I don't mind cuz he's my baby. But OMG! Kyuhyun's small solo dance in the basketball court got me soooo bad XD and did anyone else think of VIXX Ken when Heechul said "ottokkaji, ottokkaji."
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I just died and came back to life for the 1000th time this year...
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