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A deadly efficient combination..... - 6 to 8 ounces chicken breast (spicy sweet sauce here, but be careful with sodium and added sugar) - 1/3 cup cooked Jasmine rice - Asparagus (cook and eat as much as you like honestly!) This meal is protein heavy and will keep you running for hours. Be sparing with the rice and always choose long grain. Asparagus is one of the top 10 super foods nature provides....high in protein and has good fats. Get full on this if you need to! There are several ways to cook this meal. I am a fan of the stovetop and quickness. Steam, sear, blanche, flash saute, add a little garlic and pepper. choose your fancy. KEY FITNESS NOTE: Do not cut out carbs and fat too much. Just choose them wisely and strive for balance. Your brain cannot function properly without carbs and sugar....and your skin and hair will hate you (amongst other parts of your body) if you do not have fat. I am still a fan of the Zone diet. You have to eat a certain amount of fat to lose fat. Balance is everything. Everything. Food is the most powerful drug if you use it right!
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During fitness season, I was only allowed 3 kinds "carbs". Now mind you....all fruits and vegetables are carbs....but I know you're asking about something a little stickier and more filling and satisfying. Yams, oatmeal, and rice. No bread. Nope! lol. When it comes to rice, there's really not a huge difference between brown or white....just long vs. short grain. I love the texture of brown rice, but I love the flavor and smell of jasmine or basmati rice if you go white. So, I switch it up. No more than 1/2 cup cooked if you can help it, and the earlier in the day the better. Hope this helps. :) As a rule, most people eat too much bread and cheese.....but in a normal diet small amounts are ok.
@falcon4daisy this sounds really good!! I love the phrase "Food is the most powerful drug is you use it right." Right now I rely way too heavily on coffee and cigarettes for energy...
Don't get me started on coffee, lol. One vice I will never give up really lol. ;) Food is absolutely a drug!!! For better or for worse! Most of the true killers for our bodies are connected with ways we abuse bad or empty foods. On the flipside, it's incredible how much can be reversed and corrected without medication simply by changing our dietary habits and choices. With food, as with so many other things.....we are the best architects of our success or demise (this is a recurring quote from my best friend that is so true on every level). The funny thing about food is that we so often connect emotional value to it. I do it myself! I can be horrible if I let myself.
@falcon4daisy That's a great quote!! You have a wise best friend. You make a good point about food's emotional value... it's weird, but so often when stressed i'm so much quicker to let myself eat like crap! I wonder why that is?
I would guess that way more than half the people I know find comfort in some kind of food. Different foods for different people. There's an instant gratification and a chemical process that is soothing and/or stimulating for most. Some people find comfort in other things too....like shopping therapy, sex, alcohol, drugs, etc...I think food is the most common, cheapest and available, lol. Do this.....imagine what it would be like to have NO sense of taste, or flavor. What would you eat???? Things that actually made you feel good and perform well long term....not things that would make you spaz and crash or are temporarily tasty. Now don't get me wrong......having a diverse palate and enjoying cooking and eating the way I do is so enjoyable, a big part of life for me.....but it's a curse the same time. So easy to indulge!