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Hello I am new to Vingle and this is my first post. I love Kpop and Kdrama's, I am weird and crazy at times. My ultimate bias is Taehyung because he is so weird, and beautiful, also because he reminds me of myself with the weirdness. My favorite Kpop groups are; BTS, Girls Generation, Seventeen, Day6, Nu'est, EXID, EVoL, and many more (I am just really lazy to name them all). I love listen to any Kpop group to be honest and I don't mind mind listening to groups I haven't heard of. I also love watching new Korean dramas as well and I don't mind watching some new ones. Right now I'm watching Oh My Ghostess and it is really good. 馃槃 Umm well I am random and I Hope you have a good day! 馃槃
I'm just randomly adding pictures now of BTS, Seventeen and Day6. 馃槃 @kpopandkimchi
OMG that picture of Suga is PRECIOUS! Welcome welcome welcome! People keep telling me to watch Oh My Ghostess but I'm watching I Remember You right now!! Let me know what you think of it cause im close to finishing this and I know i'll be searching for my next one hahahah
@GabbyWilliams Then you have to watch Bridal Mask! He's role in that drama is amazing!
@GabbyWilliams It's fascinating! The storyline is also unique. It's not the typical medical drama where they focus on saving the patients and who's the best doctor. This one is about the dark side of medical centers. If you like Joo Won then you should watch it! :)
@GabbyWilliams Welcome! Everyone keeps talking about Oh my Ghostess, I might have to watch it after Yong-Pal ends.
Right now it is really good and I hate that I can't finish it soon because of school and I wanted to watch that drama after Oh My Ghostess, is it good? Yes, I will let you know what I think about it. Thank you for the welcome. 馃槃
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