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How else would they pay their rent?

It's... really not clear how superheroes pay their bills. Granted, we know Peter Parker works for the Daily Bugle and fights crime at night. But what about Captain America? Does S.H.I.E.L.D. pay really well? How would they even get a guy who's technically been dead for 70 years onto direct deposit?
Imagine for a moment:
Clint Barton: the hard-of-hearing Starbucks barista.

Natasha Romanoff: the night club bouncer.

Steve Rogers: paying his bills after monetizing his YouTube account.

How else is he going to pay for his ridiculously expensive apartment in DC?
Tony Stark working as an I.T. guy giving people tech support over the phone. Bruce Banner working as a middle school substitute teacher.
@buddyesd @DeadlyCyanide @YoSoySoysauce Thor being a historical fact-checker for Norse mythology studies? Daredevil as a defense attorney for new immigrants? Cat Woman running the Gotham humane society?
Aquaman working in an aquarium, getting heated every time someone taps the glass.
@shannonl5 lol just keep coming up with more shit hahaha
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