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A conservative group called "Club For Growth" (No doubt a completely subversive, greedy, republican super-pac) called for the biggest move against Trump to date: A 1 Million Dollar smear campaign.
The idea is to sway Iowa caucus voters from handing the nod to Trump, which looks like a sure lock.
I'm not sure if this GOP on GOP violence is going to solve anything...but still, that's a lot of money to spend trying to bring someone down.
This old white dude, David McIntosh is the leader of the right-wing, money loaded group and is holding nothing back against Trump, another old white dude strapped with cash.
The two advertisements slatted for television are nothing new. There's only so much shit slinging that can occur before people get down to the facts and make choices for themselves. But in the mean time, this growing group of conservative hypocrites finds it completely necessary to spend a nearly infinite amount of money on slander and bullshit.
This group of losers actually asked Trump for money prior to the attack ads and when Trump said no, they fired back, "“They came to my office, the president of the Club for Growth came to my office; he asked for a million dollars," Trump said to The Washington Post.
The two ads seem to be painting Trump as a closet liberal and an "eminent domain" abuser, whatever that means.
David McIntosh, the political junkie behind the campaign seems pretty pleased with himself, and the way he's spent his million. "He (Trump) is playing the voters for chumps."
You see, McIntosh and the bunch over at Club for Growth think they're doing everyone a huge favor by launching this smear campaign...but really they're just muddying the water, creating it harder and harder to sift through to the truth.

All kinds of political strategy have their price, but at some point we all must choose honesty.

It doesn't matter that Trump is the contender, because in reality the whole thing was a joke to start with. The GOP hasn't been taken seriously in this country since Lincoln, and no million dollar campaign is going to refute that.

honestly, a lot of the things Trump says are terrifying for the similarities they have to Hitler's early speeches as he was coming to power in Germany. very nationalistic, very keen on keeping our country 'our own'...
Yeah, it's def a joke but the scary part is that there are people out there who actually take him seriously....
ok, well the truth is he is getting money, and going up in the polls, and people are listening to him. yes it’s a joke, and no he won’t be elected, but at least this group recognizes it and is doing something about it! I wouldn’t spend that much money on it... but hey, I’m on their side.
@TessStevens Would love them to donate the $1m to public healthcare, the homeless, mental health support, support for victims of domestic violence....anything but meaningless party infighting.....
@InPlainSight US politics is a joke. Always has been. And yeah...the only benefit is press coverage. if he gets the nod essentially they will have wasted a million dollars. Which, is a lot of money. I don't understand it either hahah, it's a whole lot of garbage.
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