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Hey everybody! Got a hot, fresh slice of Quick Question challenge for you today! This time around, I wanna get a little smaller. Like phone-sized. That's right, it's all about mobile games today!

What's your favorite mobile game?

I thought about this question after checking out @KINGGOKUS videos he put up. Y'all should check em out too.
To be completely honest, I'm not a big mobile gamer. What I like to do on my phone is emulate stuff, as I've talked about in the past.
That being said, though, there was a time in my life where I was consumed by the simple adding/multiplying game 2048. It was simple and addicting. Just trying to get those god damned numbers up to that mythical 2048 took me far too long to get to.
I just had to figure out a proper strategy for it. Once I did, though, I quickly fell off from playing it.
my dragon blaze name is Shinta my elune Saga name is Nahrana
@RaquelArredondo I will message you as soon as I put then up:)
@StefaniTre @RaquelArredondo I am just downloaded those games and I think I'll start a let's play on both of them today except let's plays of those 2 games you both mentioned soon hope you guys watch :)
Try to escape is the best mobile game ^^ well for me :D
I also love 2048, i'm looking for more good games...
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