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Hey newsies, I’ve been having some good chats with people about news and how they get their information. Some use apps and websites, while others are fans of good ol’ newspaper.

Which makes me wonder... where do all my Vingle peeps get their info?

Do you watch the news on TV? Or listen to the news radio in the morning?

Do you like specific news sources? Or do you grab it from your Facebook feed?

Are you the type that knows the latest scoop or you wait until your friend tells you?

Me: I love to get most of my news from the internet. I read the New York Times online every day, but also enjoy alternative sources. Reddit (/r/WorldNews), Flipboard, and Twitter top hashtags, are the other tools I like to use. I’m also a nerd and love to listen to podcast. Any Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me NPR fans out there?

Lemme know how you become “in the know" in the comments below!

either I hear about it somewhere, or John Oliver. He's the best. The news is always so depressing, I'm not a fan of watching it
I use flipboard for specific subject (since that's the purpose of the app) FB for all my futbol, and what everyone is buzzing about that day, but I also like checking out the bbc network, usually radio in the early mornings. The accent alone just makes it more soothing to hear lol
I don't watch or read news. I get my news from the streets and relatives and friends who actually watch the news. Oh, and on Facebook
@InPainSight it's Russia Today, though they also do world and US news. In my opinion they do alright in terms of pursuing an unbiased source, though obviously that's not always true.
And no, I don't get my news from Fox.
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