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It looks like some of you wonder where you can find a sensitive, creative guy to date or be friends with or have fun with or whatever with. And you know, as a sensitive and creative kind of guy, it seems like I might be the perfect person to tell you how to find one.
@nicolejb initially asked if I had any tips for finding sensitive guys who will write her songs. That's a pretty tall order to fill but I'll try my best to help you and @jordanhamilton out by listing a few places you might be able to run into one.

A Poetry Club

This might seem like a weird place to find someone but it'll cross a bunch of things off your list when it comes to someone you're looking for. As a former slam poet, I can tell you that most -- if not all -- of the people you meet at an Open Mic or a Poetry Slam will be the thoughtful, creative type. And @jordanhamilton, if you do find love in a place like this, be ready for hearing a lot of poems about the love you cultivate. It'll be intense but this is probably the one place you could find it. And, if it doesn't work out, at least you got to see some great spoken word, right?

A Weird Hipster Cafe

If you live in a small, somewhat urban area that's slowly being gentrified then hang out at one of those pop-up hipster cafe's, @nicolejb. Maybe on the weekends, or the nights, you're bound to run into someone playing their acoustic guitar in front of, or outside, the cafe. I know I might sound a little sarcastic about where to find a guy that plinks around on an acoustic guitar. But I used to do this all the time, hoping someone would talk to me instead of dropping a couple of quarters in my guitar case. So, hey, you might be able to find your guy here. You never know. Make sure you go to a good cafe, though. Just in case there isn't a singer/songwriter in the midst, you'll still be able to get a good cup of coffee.

A Library/Locally Owned Bookstore

This one's a little tricky. It's hard to approach people in general but at bookstores/libraries it's even harder. There's this really weird energy in the air that tells you you have to whisper any time you open your mouth. So you already got something working against you. It's also extremely important that you try and take note of the book they're holding/reading/buying/borrowing. If it's some Dean Koontz novel, you'll probably want to stay away. But if they're carrying Jonathan Franzen or David Foster Wallace, you might want to strike up a conversation with them. It's all about feeling it out. And again, if it doesn't work out with you and dreamboat-book-boy, at least you can get something to read before you go home.
So, there you have it Vingle Babies, the King of Hipsters lives to help you guys out. Or something. Whatever. But remember, these are all places I generally hang out. So take these tips with a grain of salt. Also, you never know where you might find a sensitive/creative guy, so keep your options open.

It's important to remember that anything can happen everyday and you don't know who you might meet at any given moment. Just stay open and follow that energy, y'all.

but that might be trolls....
I'd also say under bridges.
@JonPatrickHyde and @TessStevens GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH YOU'RE RIGHT and by that I mean, I totally need to make another card.
You should change this to four places... and add small independent art house theaters. As a sensitive/creative guy I find that the thought provoking nature of art house and foreign cinema is the perfect outlet for finding inspiration.
Love all of these! I’m actually a coffee shop and book shop frequent, so that’s perfect! I would have to agree with @jonPatrickHyde too. I love going to Indie movies and I’ve seen some cuties in these places ;) perfect outlets for finding inspiration AND love.
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