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Are we looking at the possibility of a recast for the role?

Jennifer Lawrence commented that she might not return after the next X-Men movie to reprise the role of Mystique. She didn't rule it out, but she didn't seem overly enthusiastic either. And to be fair, X-Men Apocalypse will be the third time she's appeared as the character since her first performance in 2011. Even if the body paint costume was a little more comfortable, lots of people need a change.
So... who would you like to see take over the role?

My picks:

Holland Roden
Anna Torv
Anamaria Marinca
What do you think? I'm still feeling attached to JLaw but I think another actress could do amazing things with the character too! Who would you like to see play her next?
I like Torv. she can go to dark places. I loved Fringe.
It actually would be. I want to see Zendaya's acting range. plus she's kind of a fresh face and I think that would be pretty interesting.
@amazingangelini oooh yeah Zendaya would be a GREAT Wonder Woman! And she's young enough that they could do her origin story on Themyscira... sounds like this would be right up your alley @YoSoySoysauce ^_^
@JonPatrickHyde she was AMAZING in Fringe. That's where I first saw her. You're right, she's got a really amazing range so she'd do a great job. I could also see her as Captain Marvel, or maybe Spider Woman?
@shannonl5 Wonder Woman
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