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Hello Everyone! I'm a new Vingle user. My name is Angela, although I don't care what people call me so it can really be whatever anyone likes, and I'm a 16 year old living in Wyoming. I'm a huge Kpop fan as well as a KDrama fan. I joined primary to meet some cool people that shared the same interests as me since I have very few friends in person. I'm glad I joined and I hope to talk to you again!
Hello Angela! I'm Bailey, welcome to the wonderful world of Vingle :) I love k-pop, and more of a k-drama supporter than a viewer lol. Also Teen Top!!!!!! Loving the Neil that is looking so beautiful in this card.
Hello ! welcome to the vingle family.! we are all very kind and weird here, so you can be yourself with zero criticism!
@kpopandkimchi Thank you!!!! And I would have to say Bad Guys is my all time favorite drama. I'm also a huge fan of Boys Over Flowers, and Blood though as well. And yes I'm a HUGE teen top fan.
Hello!! Nice to meet you and welcome to this wonderful Vingle community! Btw is Neil your bias? :)
Hello Angie! I'm Cindy! I'm also into kdrama but mainly fast-paced action theme. I also like kpop but 1st generation stuff! And welcome !!!! :)
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