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Alright, so kettlebells are pretty amazing. Not only are they great for cardio, but they are also great for developing strength. Kettlebells, like dumbbells, have different weights. The opportunities are endless when it comes to exercising with kettleblells. You can hit areas like your core, quads, hamstrings, glutes, triceps, and calves.
For my pre-powerlifting days, I was definitely into kettlebell workouts. You just need yourself and the kettlebell to create a really awesome workout.
For the exercise, you want to keep in mind that since you're working your abs, you want to involve your core as much as possible. Focus on squeezing or activating your core. Rely on your core to leverage the weight or to perform the most of the movement.

Kettlebell Swings

Although you're gripping the handle of the kettlebell, you're using your hips to move the weight. Your hips are what enables the movement. Have loose arms, but a tight grip.
1) Stand with feet hip-width apart. With two hands, grab the handle on the kettlebell with your palms facing inward/ toward your body. The kettlebell should be dangling between your feet.
2) Shift your weight into your heels. Lower your rear back and down.
3) Driving through your heel, use your hips to get the kettlebell weight to swimg upward. Aim to swing at chest level -- don't go higher than that! Make sure to contract your core and squeeze those awesome buns of (getting there) steel! ;)

Get strong, my buffy beefcakes!

I actually got into kettlebell workouts this year and they're amazing! Great for both strength and cardio! Also, kettlebell swings are good for abs and your back as well, so basically your whole core! I'm def going to incorporate them into my workout tomorrow morning! Thanks for getting me pumped up @alywoah!
@alywoah so that's how you use them... I've been throwing them.... Just kidding... You should include Turkish get up
Yes, those are definitely challenging! @ChristopherSuta Lord knows I struggle with those lol !