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It's all true!! Don't you think so, @danidee?
My own mess, Max. He loves sleeping, playing, and food... but most of all his boy and mom. (Sorry, not the best pics!)
I adopted Max after abusive owners abandoned him several years ago. I truly believe the little guy is forever grateful. ^.^ Dachshunds are great family pets, loyal and attentive, and great with kids. If you're looking for a new pet, try your local shelter or check here for the closest ASPCA shelter.
Any other Dachshund owners out there? Do you agree with the video?
@VinMcCarthy not a thing wrong with little wieners! @danidee omg RIGHT?! Levi and I have nicknamed Max our Wee Ninja. The little brat can sneak food faster than anything I've ever seen! It's hilarious because Jazz, my German Shepard, is SO well trained. She'll just stare at him like, "you're going to die... Stop. It." The burrowing thing cracked me up, too. My whole property has holes where he's chasing mice and squirrels. Every night, he'll come scratching at the covers and then tunnel all the way to my feet. I know it's a breed thing, but it's nuts. Lol
Oh man, that video totally nailed my doxie. She LOVES eating. She's seriously got a bottomless stomach. Fortunately, she's not the type of dog that will chew on wires or shoes, but she is the type that will figure out a way to get into places you wouldn't think she could just to be able to get to a snack. One time I made a dozen cupcakes, went to the bathroom, and came back, and four were already missing. Another time, I made a homemade pizza, ate two slices, then went to go get something to drink, and she'd already dragged the rest of the pie to her favorite eating spot. SHE'S BASICALLY THE WORST. But I love her.
@LizzieBradley I would LOVE to have a second one!! ^.^
we have two dachshunds and they are the best. Marceline and William
Now, I want a dog...a Dachsund really badly!!!
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