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K-dramas are nothing without those awesome supporting characters who are the ultimate BFFs.

Here's what makes the best K-drama friend:

They're ready for adventure, always.

And will stand up for you no matter what happens.

They will get into trouble with you.

And drive you absolutely crazy.

They often have their own cute little romances.

And are basically the best people you'll ever meet.

Leave your votes for your favorite Kdrama friend character in the comments below!

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Kim woo bin in twenty. Park Hyun shik and Sung joon in high society.
kim woo bin in twenty @montha91 yesss
I love Shinwoo and Jeremy from You're So Beautiful. JEREMY!
@kpopandkimchi I think Ga Eul from Boys Over Flowers wins the best friend character for me.
Omo omo omo! Have you seen the newest drama "She Was Pretty"?! There's only like 2 episodes out but dang! The main girl from Kill Me, Heal Me is also the main in here and the second lead (her "step brother") is the main guy!!!! FINALLY they're together as a "couple"!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol