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this time off waitin comes again.ever since boys over flowers every year near this time ive been gettin really bored coz im like a really reallllllly big lee minho so excited for his next drama (if he is doin another drama) coz theres reacently been news like hes doin thearter ect good for u oppa but id like too see u in a movie or drama again hopefully.............. minho oppa naneun paen-ibnida saranghae <3 <3 (sob sob as if hed see this message ,oh well, all us minoz will get together to support him ,e.g like wen most of us watched faith for minho oppa and minho oppa only) lol :]
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That is true we Minoz would like to see Oppa make more dramas or even a movie. His last movie was way back in 2008 "Our School E.T". Oppa was actually offered a movie this 2013 "Friend 2". But he sadly had to turn it down as advice by his agency...He will have a very hectic 2013 with all the fan meeting in different countries plus all the commercials and products he has to do. He his trying to finish his studies in Konkuk University, majoring in Film & Art not to mention he has 2hrs of English lessons everyday. Hopefully I hope he will have time before 2013 ends to make a movie or a new drama. Still we Minoz have to give supporting him so MINOZ AJA!!!! FIGHTING!!!