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In a recent poll, with a median age of 32, 1 in 3 millennials would sell their organs to get rid of their student debt. 43 percent also said they would sell half of their possessions and 55 percent said they would participate in a reality TV show.
And with America's student loan debt over $1 trillion... these don’t seem like drastic measures to me.

But what else would you do to get rid of your student debt?

Would you endure massaging someone’s smelly feet every day for a year?

Foot massage for funds anyone?

Would you give up your favorite food forever?

(shoutout to @danidee and @ChristopherSuta for the picture inspiration)

Would you spend a weekend with Donald Trump?

Look at that face. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with that face (not me no thx nope).

Would you give up the use of the Internet for a year?

"It’s not you, it’s me. I love you internet, but I got way too much debt."

Would you sell your soul to the devil?

I heard hell is nice and warm
Unfortunately, (or fortunately), you don’t have the option to just give up your student loans that easily.
Or perhaps you give up on spending for many years, and when your friends ask “let’s go out tonight” you respond “I can’t" and then they stop asking you to do things, and you force yourself into a lonely despair...
(kidding, only kidding. but maybe this is sort’ve how I feel)

Student loans are a big problem in this country. What would you do to get rid of your debt?

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totally @danidee! I have so many Colorado friends that would want that and then just spend a year hiking and being in the wilderness
I would do any of these (minus the signing my soul over to the devil because I really don't have any idea what that would mean for me so I feel like I can't properly compare my loans to it)
haha well I think it means an eternity of despair, rather then the lifetime of despair that the cloud of debt creates @hikaymm
@nicolejb @hikaymm I guess if you assume you're already going to hell then it's not all that bad a deal, really.
@VinMcCarthy Time to see where I stand, I suppose...