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This is Dani, the moderator of the Funny Community, here to remind you that there are only FOUR MORE DAYS to post your card for the Vingle Hunger Games!

(Have no idea what I'm talking about? You can check out the official announcement here.)
So far we have some pretty hilarious entries, all of which featuring snacks I know the rest of you probably enjoy. Check them out, and while you're there, give them a 'like' to boost their chances of winning the big prize of $50 USD of their favorite snack:

Want to take a stab at winning?

Here's what you've got to do:

1) Create a card featuring a love poem to your favorite snack food.
2) Dress it up with funny pictures, gifs, memes, and video. (I like to use Giphy!)
3) Publish it in the Funny Community.

Tips To Help You Get Points:

1) Got a lot of friends on Vingle? Make sure to use the @ tagging feature to make sure they see your entry and can give it some love.
2) People love a funny main picture - especially in the Funny Community. Choose it wisely. (Extra points if you can make your own snack-centric memes or gifs!)
If you have any more questions about the contest (or just Vingle in general!), feel free to send me a direct message, and I'll hit you back as soon as possible.

Good luck!

And once again - may the Cheetos be ever in your favor.

you mean...Cheetos ever in your flavor* hehehehehehe
@danidee YESSS! *high five* I like your title better. :D My boss is gonna die when I roll in a Twizzler themed poem for copyrights. Hahahaha! THE ADDICTION HAS GONE TOO FAR!!
You could have just titled this "Stacey, Turn in a Twizzler Poem, Yo." Yeeeeah, I'm on it. :P
I strive to make you proud @danidee. I hope to see all the snack puns!
@ButterflyBlu I was going for something more like "Stacey, Get Yo Twizzlers, Girl."
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