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So I just finished watching this drama called To be continued on DramaFever. Cute drama it was pretty great for only being 11 - 15 min an episode long. The group above ASTRO made their debut in this drama last month. They are under the same label as 5urprise and they snuck their way into my heart. They are so talented.
Their dancing is so good!
They are cute and funny!
And they are so dorky!
They are definitely worth looking into!
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@KpopGaby it's better if you don't fight it. Just let them all in. Lol
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I know about them but every time I look for the episode its shows so many episodes 1 and there all different so I never know which one is the real episode 1 so can anyone give me a link please
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@Dabaesaplayer Drama fever both a website and an app on your phone has every episode. That's how I watched it.
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@Evalise thank you
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Sanha 馃槏鉂も潳
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