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In preparation for South Park's season 18 premiere tonight, let's take a look at a few reasons why we love Cartman, and what we can learn from him. Not all of us can be as enterprising and clever as our favorite little kid from South Park, but we can sure try.

1. He's body positive.

Who can refute that kind of crusading nature?

2. He never second-guesses his opinion.

Come on, if you're thinking it, Cartman is saying it. That's pretty admirable.

3. He is always looking out for his fellow man.

Cartman teaches people things, like the fact that Gingers don't have souls.

4. He doesn't take shit from his friends.

You'll never catch people getting away with making fun of least not to his face.

5. He loves his kitty!

No! Mr. Kitty! That's a bad Kitty!
I'd be lying if I had never screamed at Miss. Tuffsey in his voice. She is the devil.

6. He's always got a plan.

Need I say more? Isn't this a good plan for everyone?

7. He LOVES school.

Like a lot, amirite?

8. He knows he's a very important person.

Respect his authoritah!

9. He obviously has his priorities in order.

Oh no!

10. And above all else, he does what he wants!

Isn't that the most important thing in life?
What's your favorite Cartman moment? Whose pumped for the new season? I am.
Respect my authoritah!
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@falcon4daisy I know hahahah he does speak his mind! We all have a little more tact than him though...which is admirable lol
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I'm all for that plan. Bro-ing down is my favorite way to end most things.
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2 years ago·Reply
Team Broing Down - ACTIVATE!!!
2 years ago·Reply
Start up, cash in, sell out, bro down. I want a T shirt. @danidee hahahah
2 years ago·Reply