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Spider-Woman #1 is as All-New and All-Different as can be

When Marvel revealed the covers for the All-New All-Different lineup, there were a lot of surprises. None of them are as befuddling as Spider-Woman #1, which features a *very* pregnant Jessica Drew. The comic is slated to be released in November, and we're still wondering: who is the father?

My first guess would have been Hawkeye...

...but it sounds like Clint Barton isn't going to be a major part of this rebooted universe. So who? A new character, or an established one we're not expecting?
Those were @shannonl5 just the first to pop into my head as likely candidates. It could be a nameless character from S.H.I.E.L.D or Hydra given her background with both groups, though that could have been retconned in the all new universe.
Matthew Murdock?
I think it makes sense for them to use an already established character. Is Luke Cage still with Jones? If not maybe he has a thing for women named Jessica. Danny Rand? Johnny Storm?
I'm not sure who but I think it is an established character already in marvel or maybe a crossover
@ComicGeek94 yeah! I think it does make more sense for it to be an established character... it just gives them a little more to work with I think in terms of stakes. then again it could be a character that we lost during Secret Wars?
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