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Spider-Woman #1 is as All-New and All-Different as can be

When Marvel revealed the covers for the All-New All-Different lineup, there were a lot of surprises. None of them are as befuddling as Spider-Woman #1, which features a *very* pregnant Jessica Drew. The comic is slated to be released in November, and we're still wondering: who is the father?

My first guess would have been Hawkeye...

...but it sounds like Clint Barton isn't going to be a major part of this rebooted universe. So who? A new character, or an established one we're not expecting?
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I think it makes sense for them to use an already established character. Is Luke Cage still with Jones? If not maybe he has a thing for women named Jessica. Danny Rand? Johnny Storm?
Matthew Murdock?
@ComicGeek94 oooh those are good suggestions! I haven't seen much of Jessica Jones or Luke Cage in any of the promo stuff... the synopsis says that Ben Urich and Porcupine will be joining her? So idk what to make of that...
Those were @shannonl5 just the first to pop into my head as likely candidates. It could be a nameless character from S.H.I.E.L.D or Hydra given her background with both groups, though that could have been retconned in the all new universe.
@ComicGeek94 yeah! I think it does make more sense for it to be an established character... it just gives them a little more to work with I think in terms of stakes. then again it could be a character that we lost during Secret Wars?