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well I play games like most people know I have a youtube channel but I Do mobile let's plays of games as well as emulators so check my channel out and here is my newest video in my series of playing Castlevania Aria of sorrow also my YouTube channel name is MOBILEMECHAGALAXYPLAYER :) check out my channel it would be much appreciated
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only part 3 so more to come @VinMcCarthy @mattk95
2 years ago·Reply
WHOA. @VinMcCarthy One of my all-time favorites! ^.^ You're playing that on your mobile, @KINGGOKUS?
2 years ago·Reply
@ButterflyBlu yes I am playing this game on mobile on a emulator
2 years ago·Reply
@KINGGOKUS very cool... man, I'd never get anything done. I can get seriously obsessed with Castlevania.
2 years ago·Reply
well then try not to ;)
2 years ago·Reply