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Good afternoon Marvelers!

I thought we could to another challenge this weekend since the last one was so much fun! This challenge is: make a card to tell us about your comic book crush! This can be a character, an artist, anyone from the comic book world that you totally have a crush on!
Here's mine:

America Chavez aka Miss America

"Take it down a gear. No shame in being afraid. Being brave isn't the same thing as not being scared."

She's tough, and honest, and she kicks so much butt! She's the kind of hero I look up to. She's not perfect, she can lose interest in things sometimes, and her powers can be out of control, but none of that matters to me. She's amazing. I'd love to get rescued by her some time!

I'm excited to find out who your crushes are!

I promise I won't tell ;)

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@LAVONYORK agreed, that went into multiple universes lolol
I have to catch tail when and where I can CTFU
Rogue and Jessica Jones!!!!
Jean grey aka phoenix. I like more of her Dark persona #Dark Phoenix #Marvel Girl
@BiblioLady yesss! They're both awesome ^_^ @Karthikkrazzy1 ooh yes after she gets all those powers she's basically unstoppable!