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A few months ago, I shared the news that Taco Bell in Chicago would probably start serving booze. And now it's been confirmed: as of September 22, the Taco Bell at Wicker Park in Chicago will serve beer, wine, and some other spiked and frozen beverages. Yes, taco lovers, this is happening.

The store will offer the following alcoholic drinks:

- beer from Dos Equis and New Belgium Brewing ($4 per draft)
- Mountain Dew Baja Blast, Cantina Punch and Cantina Margarita freezes (can be spiked with 1 ounce of white rum or vodka for $6.19 + tax, or 1 ounce of tequila for $7.19 + tax).
- Single-serving bottles of chardonnay and merlot that are fitted with a small, plastic cup
- Pinot Grigio and cabernet sauvignon in sealed, single serving cups that you just have to peel the lid off of to drink

Yes, they do know they need to make getting your alcohol into your mouth while feasting on tacos as easy as possible.

Another location in San Francisco will serve beer and wine, but there won't be any hard liquor on the menu.
Anyways, exciting as this is, Taco Bell will stop serving alcohol after 10pm, and all this really means is that we're catching up to Europe (and in the above pic, in Portugal), where beer and other alcoholic beverages at fast food joints is already an established reality.

Who's ready to get Baja Blasted?

ME ME ME! this is so perfect for the Taco Bell costumers. mostly (already drunk) college kids that need noms. Taco Bell is #winning
I love baja blast with a passion. seriously, it bugs all of my friends when I talk about baja blast. I'm now going to have to find my way to Chi-town so I can get, as you said, "baja blasted". hell to the yeah.
totally! and if they keep it up with this particular audience, promoting in college towns... It definitely has good potential.
@nicolejb Yeah, they're definitely on the right track trying to up their sales & profits. I'm sure if they can keep their profits up they'll try to get liquor licenses for other cities as well.
It looks like fast food restaurants are upping their game! From the build your own burger at Mcdonalds to the alcohol at Taco Bell!
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