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Here are your Top 5 Plays of the Day!

5. Kris Bryant (Chicago Cubs)

Now we all know who Kris Bryant is and we all know he is the most likely player to win NL Rookie of the Year this season. We also know that he is an infielder. But you can put him in any position and you can expect him to do great things, which is exactly what he did in right field. Thanks to Bryant's amazing catch, the Cubs beat the Pirates 2-1 in their second match of their double header last night.

4. Manny Machado (Baltimore Orioles)

Manny Machado probably has one of the best range at third base in the league and we saw that last night with the little chopper hit by Dustin Pedroia. Even though Pedroia may not be the fastest guy on the team, you can't ignore the Red Sox second baseman's speed. Machado made that barehand play look so easy and smooth. The Orioles also beat division rival, Red Sox, 6-5.

3. Mike Moustakas (Kansas City Royals)

Mike "The Moose" Moustakas knew the importance of last night's game. He went all out, dived, slid, and landed in the rubber track. Oh, and he caught that ball while doing all that. He has finally stepped up for the Royals and has been a leader both offensively and defensively. Moustakas and the Royals blanked the Indians 2-0.

2. Stephen Piscotty (St. Louis Cardinals)

Stephen Piscotty, the left fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, made this tremendous catch that was going over his shoulder. The ball was already going by him but he was not going to give up. He dove and made this tremendous catch to put his name in the daily Top 5 Plays of the Day. The Cardinals beat the Brewers 3-1.

1. Carlos Martinez (St. Louis Cardinals)

Yes, we've seen something similar with Manny Machado up there, but just in case you guys haven't noticed, Carlos Martinez is a pitcher. The Cardinals' starting pitcher not only pitched eight strong innings, giving up one run, but he also made that incredible play. He was off-balance but he kept his focus and threw a perfect strike to Colten Wong who came into cover first. So, number one goes to Martinez and once again, the Cards beat the Brewers 3-1.
Now that was your Top 5 Plays of the Day from last night's games!

What was your favorite play of the day?

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@jeff4122 Yeah dude...I really want to see him become the next Pedro Martinez. I miss watching Pedro pitch....
What a play by Martinez. You hardly ever see a pitcher give himself up like that. That's an athlete, not just a pitcher. He gets my vote.
@mchlyang definitely a beast, loved watching him pitch as well
@ButterflyBlu Yeah same here. He is def one of the best third basemen in the league right now! But yes, you have to give it to Martinez on this one!
I really enjoy watching Manny Machado play. He's always so damn fast and smooth. But that play by Martinez... just fantastic.