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I am playing another game on my emulator which is Megaman 4 which I can say this game is freaking hard and we'll if you want to see me struggle at this game well then here it is enjoy it sadly I have to keep trying and this is only part 5 of many more however I will keep trying also check out my channel Mobilemechagalaxyplayer
this is Megaman Zero 4, not actually Megaman 4. just saying. still a great game!
oh man, i haven't seen let's plays recorded on moblie before. is that some kind of app or something? and as much as i love megaman, i've barely played through any of the Zero series. I hope you get through the game, good stuff man!
@KINGGOKUS I sure will bro!
@mchlyang well bring your memories back and Chek out my channel and watch as I struggle through it and maybe hint when I'm lost
Yo I used to play this game all the time when I was in elementary school!