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Don DeLillo's White Noise is definitely on my "Top Ten Books I've Read that I Actually Enjoyed" list. There's something about his tone throughout the novel that would make me laugh, feel like I got punched in the gut, and then he'd suddenly drop little bombs of thoughtfulness on top of me when I was least expecting it.
Read the quote above. In a couple of sentences, DeLillo makes you think about why and how you want the things that you want. These kinds of questions tend to circle around my head at one point or another and, sometimes, it's completely draining. I can write off this quote as someone waxing philosophical but I'd rather not because there's something about these thoughts that really resonate with me.
Even if we divide the rest of the novel from the excerpt above, we can see that the narrator has a problem with control. He/she doesn't know why they want things or if they even want anything. Personally, that's something I struggle with almost everyday. I know I want certain things and I know what I like but sometimes I don't know how "it" got there. It makes me feel like everything I've been do is a fraudulent to some extent.
But I do think it's important to ask these sorts of questions about the things that you want and need and like. Because at the end of the day, I can tell myself that I'm not a fraud in my feelings because I've examined and explored the things I enjoy and found what makes them so appealing or so beautiful to me.