Day 12 I Top 10 pics/gifs of VIXX
Day 13 | A Day with VIXX First of all, if I really want a latte from Starbucks, I will hang out with Leo. Me and Leo will probably stay quiet for so long. Next, Hyukkie and Hongbin at the park; I would love to take selcas with these two cuties. Finally, Wonshik, N & Ken hanging out and just having some good old fun.
Day 14 | Top 5 VIXX Songs 1. Voodoo Doll 2. On and On (I'm Ready To Get Hurt) 3. Love Equation 4. Eternity 5. Hyde
Day 15 | Top 5 VIXX MVS 1. Eternity 2. On and On (I'm Ready To Get Hurt) 3. Hyde 4. Voodoo Doll 5. Error
Day 16 | 1st VIXX Song When I first heard about VIXX, it was 'Error' and that song is beautiful.
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The struggle XD
@HappyGLAlexis indeed hahahaha
Thanks for joining in <3 <3 Isn't it so hard to rank their songs?! I had such a hard time making my list lol