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Attention KPop fans and Rhythm-game fans!

Finally, there is a new game on the horizon that seeks to give you the interactive Kpop experience you have been waiting for!

Popular (but not as cool as Vingle!) KPop site allKpop announced last month their new upcoming rhythm game allkpop ALLSTAR!
The game is still in development, and currently only exists as a closed beta. However, that just means they're that close to finishing the game! There is no release date scheduled as of yet, but the details we do know come straight from the source:
While it is a rhythm game at its core, the game will have many exciting features such as character customization options, personal rooms, shops, and open-world environments. We have also put focus into the social aspect of the game, allowing you to easily play with or against, friends and foes alike.
So this game is offering a whole lot of potential for both KPop fans and video game fans! They are calling it a finger-based rhythm game, so presumably this game will be available as an app for your smartphone.
I don't know about everyone else, but this seems like it could be a really cool bridge between the two mediums!
@poojas @kpopandkimchi @MattK95 are y'all excited??
I'd buy it!!!
@MattK95 well if anything, it'll be a good way to interact physically with the music, right?
I can't wait to see this game
@VinMcCarthy I guess I'm just not that into this type of game, but I know I'll still be checking it out regardless...and probably getting addicted to it XD funny how often that happens with mobile games XD
I totally forgot this was happening XD thanks for reminding me @VinMcCarthy ^^ I'm still unsure about how it will turn out, but I think it's pretty cool :)
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