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Just a few days ago, Selena Quintanilla's family released a track that was never released before. It's called Oh No (I'll Never Fall In Love Again) by Selena Quintanilla. The track was never released before because Mr. Quintanilla, Selena's father said, the sound was not "up to par."
Although Selena is no longer with us, it feels quite magical to hear her singing again.
This is what Selena's father had to say about the track:
“The song was never recorded professionally but we found a tape where they’re in rehearsal some place and they recorded the rehearsal. The reason we never released it as one of her songs is because it’s not up to far as par as sound is concerned but years later my son A.B. recorded it with the Kumbia Kingz…we thought that the fans would enjoy it even though it’s not a professional recording.”

Take a listen!

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I love her... thanks for music please keep udpdating me...
Definitely!!!! I am so glad this track was released. It was so sweet to hear her voice again. @Jazziejazz
Yes, very sad! She was a very talented singer @Safaa12