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Hi, I'm Allyson, but if you want you can call me Ally. I'm kinda new. This is my first card, so bear with me if it sucks. So here are all my bias' cause I thought it would be a good start for a card.
Chunji Jimin Jungkook Jin Yoongi Taehyung Zelo Jackson Tao Hobi
L. Joe Jiyong Ray Luhan Myungsoo (L) Hyuk Yoseob U Kwon B Bomb Jeongmin

And lastly my Ultimate Bias...

Sehun!!! ❤️

So I've got a question for you. Who are your bias'?

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@wllmvns Thanks!!
welcome!!! lol if I were to list my bias I would need like 30 cards haha but love your bias and great pick for ultimate bias Drip coffee♡is the cutest thing ever.
@Marilovexoxo lol. Thanks for the welcome!
@Allyson3333. awww welcome to vingle my biases are a lot now but it all started with taechyon minho for me so they can be my top 2 then GD and park yoochun L myungsoo D.O and all Bts members exo chanyeol taeyang oppa
@sherrysahar Aww thanks!! Yea my first bias started with Gd oppa. In fact fantastic baby was the very first Kpop song I listened to.