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WARNING!! It's a boy love manga's extra. That means male/male relationship. If you don’t like it, DON'T read (nothing explicit or NSFW in this extra though) There are only 2 pages in this extra. Source: baidu ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Translation (Sorry for the crappy english. Feel free to correct me please) 1 Miyata Atsushi: I’m Miyata Atsushi, A second-year college student who is working part-time at this convenience store My everyday life in here is very motonous, nothing special is waiting for me. Today will be no exception too. Cashier 1: Miyata kun, can you come here for a second? Miyata Atsushi: I’m coming. What happens? Yikes Miyata Atsushi: Why do you have to call me over for !? Cashier 1: It can’t be help. If he see us standing at the check-out counter, he’ll never go to settle the bill. Maybe he’s embarrassed about it Cashier 2: He is such a strange guy. He looks so hand some and wearing such a expensive-looking suit but he never buys anything beside *that* Well, If he really feels embarrassed, i don’t think he will buy *it* at the convenience store, though Miyata Atsushi: Welcome *He is buying a lot of different kind of condoms today too, Just how much has he bought already ?* Cashier: Miyata kun , fighting Yashiro: *stare* Miyata Atsushi: That will be ten thousand 305 yen sir *And why do he have to stare at me every time he pays the bill? So scary ~* Thank you very much, sir Don’t look him in the eye, don’t look him in the eye He’s definetely not a normal guy. Oh, it’s raining. 2 Miyata Atsushi: My life in here is very motonous. There is no special things happen. I have thought my life will be always like that. But some changes have happened today. He is buying a different thing beside *that*.
Waiting is really a pain here ;___: Man, I really hope I can have the book before the Lunar New Year :D
i can't wait to get my hands on my own copy too X>
Thank you very much! I'm waiting (impatiently) for my book to arrive here, so this means so much to me. Can't help falling in love with Yashiro more and more *sob*
@Yoshioka you're welcome :D
Thank you :>