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This is a great project for all of us nerds out there (me included) who love words and Scrabble! Now, you can make Scrabble tile coasters to show your love of words. This DIY project comes from the creative people at The Gourmet Gab.


For this project, you will need:
-- Scrabble tiles (you can raid them from your own Scrabble game or you can get them online)
-- E-6000 glue (you can find this at a craft store)
-- 1 thin cork board
-- Scissors or an X-acto knife

Attach the tiles

Use the craft glue to glue the tiles to the cork board. You can do this in any pattern you would like, and you can make any words that you would like with the scrabble tiles. It's completely up to you — let your creativity flow!

Cut the extra cork

After the glue has completely dried, use scissors or an X-acto knife to cut off any excess cork that is around the tiles.

Seal the tiles

Use the clear sealant spray to completely seal the tiles so that they will be waterproof. Make sure you do this outside or in a well-ventilated area. Let the sealant dry completely.

Use your cute coasters and impress your friends with your unique and educational coasters!

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I WILL have these!! I'm in love with these. <3