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Are you guys seeing this?????!!!! I love running man and even though hes basically 40 Kim Jong Kook is my husband that man is soo gorgeous♡ And I absolutely love my little Drip coffee♡ hes just soo perfect its too early for stuff like this my heart has to be prepared. ughhhh they are too cute together♡
Theres no where for me to see Hurry Brother (chin running man) with english subtitles. I used to watch it before but the person that uploaded it made it unavailable now. Never got to finish first season...so sad. But this is Great. Love jungkooks participation!!
@B2STANG88 I think dramafever has it
2 Handsomes in a gym! Good Choice, Good Choice ! lol
Agreed! I so fell in love with him as well! Him and Jae Suk!