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If you're as fascinated with fashion as so much of the world, fashion blogs are the greatest reading material, scroll-through material, and fashion photography sources to drool over. But what happens when you get tired of reading the same couple of blogs day after day, over and over? Sometimes you just need another fresh perspective to introduce into your repertoire! These couple of blogs are well-written, well-produced, and worth your time.

We Wore What

We Wore What, by Danielle Bernstein, has a clean and classic but still creative approach to fashion. Mainly a personal style catalogue, Danielle knows how to put together an enviable look, with a nailed-down style of taking that perfect OOTD. She's also a casual layering champion and wears sunglasses often enough to maintain an air of mystery that we wish we could get.

Oracle Fox

Amanda Shadforth's Oracle Fox is a well-curated and well-styled life, giving us food, decor, and shopping envy alongside a major dose of outfit inspiration. Her editorials involve beautifully-shot photography of creative and thoughtful ensembles that we can only hope to copy, and her rare but equally-inspirational personal style snippits are beyond chic.

Le Happy

Le Happy by Luanna Perez is cleanly designed and organized so well, you almost don't notice that Lua's style is a little more rock and roll, a little more edgy. Her perfectly styled hair and makeup make what could be chaotic outfits look neat and perfectly put-together. It's a major source of OOTD inspiration, and you just might learn a thing or two from her about piling on your jewelry.

After DRK

Sabrina Meijer's afterDRK has everything you could want; beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, fashion, fashion. Sabrina started with the intent of appealing to all fashionistas, and her simple and effortless style is punctuated with the slightest edge to achieve the kind of laid-back but professional look we only dream of. The site has grown and now features pretty much everything you could want inspiration from.