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People are going to hate, regardless.

Like Kanye said, "And if they hate then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up". As for Ireland Baldwin, daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger -- she is gladly letting her haters hate with full confidence. Yes, even she has haters. At the blossoming age of 19, Ireland had the opportunity of walking in Son Jung Wan's Spring '16 fashion show this past week during NYFW. Of course, this stunning 6'2 beauty couldn't slay the runway in peace without naysayers trying their best to be heard. They say that silence is deadly, but negativity is even deadlier.
We all know how ridiculous fat shaming is and when it comes to models, the industry likes what they like. Well, according to the industry Ireland was told that she was too fat. *gasp* Too fat? What do people even consider fat anymore? Seriously, looking at this beauty fat would be the last thing that comes to mind. It's crazy how our society has created the idea that any woman with a lick of skin or curves on her body is automatically thrown into the fat category. It's called being a woman and a beautiful one at that. Ireland took to social media [as everyone does] and created a video [] letting her haters know a few things and like any proud woman would do, she finished the video by eating a pretzel.

Bravo Ireland, Bravo.

The industry clearly needs to get their standards together.
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it takes an insecure idiot to say things as that Nicole girl did about fat shaming. ridiculous.
i couldnt agree more. she is absolutely breathtaking!!! we need more models like Ireland to represent @JonPatrickHyde
@smnthcarter773 I agree. fat shaming is not cool at all, smh
there's a lot more better ways to help ppl loose weight than making them feel worse.
super late! I apologize, I am just now seeing this. but I def agree. positive is always the best way to go about things @smnthcarter773