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Lee min ki Ladies and Gentleman. Shout out to whoever made this Gif. The cat ears and whiskers take this Gif to a whole other level. Your cute creativity along with some other cute things I've seen today has reached my very soul to which is bursting with cutenss overload now. Thank you Internet.
He was the most interesting Character in Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I must admit I fan girled on him for a bit after I saw him it awakened my curiosity and I needed more. But anyway enough of Lee min ki..
Shut Up Flower Boy Band. This is my favorite high school drama for other reasons than just Lee Min Ki. It was just collectively amazing and real. I can't explain it. I watched it twice in a row. I never do that. that's alot of time locked in. So I highly recommend it!
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@littlemaryk Right?! I was surprised when I saw your descriptions in the card because it was so accurate! :D I think it's especially the fact that it was focused on a rock band that topped it all for me! This drama was like my soulmate, i felt at peace watching it, almost like i was home at last.
Duuuude same here, again. I love me som pop punk and rock music in general. don't get me wrong, I dig pop music also but I'm eclectic I like various things that include a bunch but rock music hits home with me because it's something I grew up into. I feel like we would be friends in real life lol.@jannatd93
@littlemaryk Same! ❤❤ 😍✌👊
oh this show be killing me and lee min ki's character ugh why must they be so adorable
I know right! They all have their own swagger, for lack of a better word ^.^