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I know, I know. Before you say anything, let me explain.

Growing up I used to always hear the song Macho Man [listen here] by Village People and I grew to hate it. I always questioned why anyone would want a man who is macho or in other words, too manly. Yes, there is such thing. Of course, you don't want a man who cries himself to sleep every night, but every woman should fall for a guy who has feelings and emotions. It may be hard to come by at first because guys are known for hiding their feelings, but trust me -- if he is diggin' you, the feelings will show.
Nobody wants an overly masculine man. That man who sees you crying and tells you to go get some tissues for the snot running down your nose or better yet, the man who doesn't say anything at all. If you're crying, he's either crying with you or consoling you. That's the kind of man every woman needs and every woman should want. A man who has emotions and isn't afraid to show them when need be. If you find yourself attracting the men who rather tattoo on their tears than cry real ones -- keep scrolling for five reasons why you should give the sensitive guy a chance.

He will care about your feelings.

Not saying that men who aren't sensitive don't know how to care about a woman's feelings, but it's much more easier for a sensitive man to care about your feelings because feelings is all he knows. He not only takes his own feelings serious, but anyone he cares about he will definitely take their feelings into consideration as well.

He will always be there to lend an ear.

Often times when we need our man friend to listen most, he is either consumed in sports or consumed in sports. When you have a sensitive man on your side, your needs come first. You need to talk, football can wait. He knows how it feels to have nobody to listen, so he takes those things pretty serious.

He is a team player. Always.

If you want steak and he wants pizza for dinner, he is down to compromise. He won't huff and puff. He wants to make you happy and make sure a smile is on your face. Pizza can wait.

A big ego is one thing you won't have to worry about.

This guy is humble and doesn't try his best to be seen. His charm and calm nature makes people gravitate towards him. When you think of down to earth, that's him all the way. The perfect personality to complete the perfect guy [well, perfect enough].

Not a day will go by when you don't feel beautiful.

Sensitive men love to dish out compliments. He wants make sure you know just how special you are to him. Even if your hair needs to be done, he sees past that and will let you know just how gorgeous you are to him. He might not say it, but it's okay to compliment him every now and then also. He will appreciate it more than you know.

What do you think?

Give the guy a chance. He deserves it.