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Yay BTS is comming to America......
yay they are coming to Atlanta......boo sold out well before I found out
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Yeah I found out a couple of weeks ago About this But it was too late!!! Even though I live in South Florida I was definitely willing to drive to Atlanta for this!!!
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How do you know thy are sold out? I live in ATL but all the sites day they haven't released prices yet.
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I am assuming that everyone is talking about this Highlight Tour which is a collaboration with Community 54. See website: http://highlight54.tictail.com . You had to purchase a t-shirt which is your "ticket" to the show. The t-shirts sold out for each show in minutes. According to the website the only thing left for purchase are add ons like group photos etc. But it clearly states on the website You must have purchased a t-shirt.
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