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Roh Ji Hoon - If You Were Me
He finally had a comeback, and Oh my gosh I absolutely love it!!! The story is so happy and for once it doesn't take a sad turn at the end, as far as I can tell he payed to have her eyes fixed, because at the end she can see him, I would have said he proposed, but I didn't see a ring at the end...maybe I wasn't looking hard enough lol. Still I've been a fan of Roh Ji Hoon for a few years now, and I'm just so glad he's finally having another album!!!!!!!!!

Take my money and get on my iPod immediately!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Let me know what you think :) Credit to CUBE Entertainment and Roh Ji Hoon for this video
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OMG T.T it's so beautiful~ Haha well he took his precious time making a comeback! This was 100% awesomely sweet and cute! Love it!
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Thank the Lord my baby has came back!!!
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