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So I recently saw T.O.P on V Live app and I was so happy! Then I got a notification right after that Monsta X (My Favorite Group) was going to be on!
So I waited and waited until I had to go shower since they weren't coming on! I kept it on (Don't Judge Me Lol). I hurried and came out when I saw them come out Live.
I wasn't understanding what they were saying but I had a strange feeling in my heart... After a while I started seeing Wonho (the one on the first picture I posted on this card) turned leaning on a wall and covering his face... Ugh they all started crying after a while.. Later on by some awesome fans I realized that they were crying because they lost on some voting (award) and they felt like they worked so hard and let down the fans.
By hearing this just broke my heart! Honestly, I feel like I'm the one that let them down !! I should of put more effort into supporting them and making them win! I'm sorry guys, I just felt like expressing how I felt right now. I know the kpop world is hard and sometimes hard work doesn't pay off! I just feel so bad...

Please if you haven't seen Monsta X's Rush MV please go check it out at least once! I know we are all busy people but I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!

@AnnahiZaragoza I did yes! They are extremely humble and I was so excited to see their comeback! I most definitely will help with that! They deserve happiness and I know they will go far. They are so talented!!
I know they kept apologizing for not doing enough when they have not taken a break ever since their debut! When I heard that it reminded me of "Broken Heart" from their Rush album.. I just feel like I didn't do enough to support them! They deserve to be #1! They are so humble!! Did you see the hashtag #SmileMonstaX ? Well they seen fans posting with that hashtag so they uploaded a pic with that same hashtag. My heart went a little at ease but now on I will dedicate myself to supporting them as my #1 group! @AimeeH
Awe this broke my heart. They are a wonderful group, and I know they didn't let us down!!