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You've heard the saying, "you can't love someone you've never met."
Well, can the same be said about missing someone? In today's society, internet dating is literally everything. I honestly don't even know if people meet the old fashioned way anymore. From dating apps to social media, the world is dating is right in the palm of your hands. All it really takes is a quick hello or a "like" to make sparks fly. We've seen it done before [see here] and in all honesty, I strongly believe that internet dating has become the norm. I would be flattered for someone to approach me out in public opposed to in my direct message box on Instagram, but than again -- it is 2015.
So, with that being said -- is it possible to miss someone you've never met. You're in the beginning stages of something great [at least you hope]. You talk daily whether it be text or via telephone. You have both grown feelings for one another over a couple of months, but you still haven't physically met. You both know what it is and what you want it to be, but the distance and the fact that you haven't seen each other in person is holding the two of you back from being great -- or is it?
You've been feeling this longing lately. You feel like you miss this person, but you question these feelings on several occasions because how can you miss someone you've never met? Then he randomly text you one day saying, "I know it may sound weird, but I miss you." Say what? The feeling is indeed mutual, but he beat you to it first.
He's that guy you've been searching for, but never found and you're that woman he's being longing for and finally came in contact with. Your paths didn't cross just because. There is indeed a bigger reason. Maybe what you're feeling is real. Maybe you two can truly miss one another despite the distance and the idea that you've only seen each other's faces via photograph.
Maybe. Maybe not.
Only time will tell.

Is it possible for two strangers to miss one another?

It's interesting, because my crush asked me the same question haha And she considers my best friend a threat for some reason O.o Which I don't understand at all. She lives over 10,000 miles away. She's a lesbian! I'm straight! We have never thought romantically about each other, because it's pointless and irrational haha Do I think she's beautiful? Yes. Do I want her to be mine? No! I suppose this type of friendship is still.... Foreign to people and they don't know how to interpret it haha But in my opinion, as long as you have a positive connection, or even a negative one, you can miss them. You can have real emotions towards them.
that's amazing!!! it is nice to know that distance means nothing when it comes to relationships. i wish you and your friend many more years of friendship.
Yes. It is. My best friend, who is 7 years older than me, lives in Australia while I live in the United States. We've never talked face to face, we've never physically met each other, but I miss her when we don't talk. First off, the time difference is crazy. She wakes up at 1 P . M. My time to start getting ready for work, and then gets off work at 1 A. M., which is why I usually stay up until 3-4 A. M. So we can chat. We're Facebook friends. We give each other advice and we know quite intimately about how the other persons mind works. Like, we can accurately reason what the other persons response/point of view is going to be. But, she has seven more years of life experience than I do, and also her upbringing and culture and way of thinking are completely different than mine, which helps me learn new ways of looking at things. My friendship with her is as real as anything I've dealt with. The distance doesn't really matter when we can video chat and talk on the phone and communicate over Facebook and stuff. Our sexual orientation is different as well. There's no romantic feelings, mutually. She's solely my best friend.