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Hello Vinglers! It's time for another Twisted Thursday Challenge~ No room for good guys on this challenge, let us talk about the villains who always make it hard for our heroes. To be honest, without them, there would be no story.

This week topic is: Favorite Anime Villain!~

Let's give some love to our favorite villains this week.


>One pick for each participant (If you cannot choose pick as many as you want).
>Be as creative as possible! by using videos, gif, images, etc.
> Write {TT} on the title so I know its for this challenge!
>Please tag me so I won't miss your cards!
>You have until Wednesday to do this!
>Have fun!
Here's my pick for this challenge:
Thanks to everybody who participated in last weeks {TT} and hope many people to participate this week as well!
I already have one in mind, I'm so going to make this card!
@biancadanica98 As usual xD Go nutz!~
I will have to think about this one for a bit lol
hmmm...I'm going to have to sift through my favorite animes to figure this one out...
Yeeeeah. I might have two, but they came to mind Instantly, yo. I'll see if I can decide or not. I'm all over it. /salute
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