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When you try so hard to convince yourself that he's going to show himself comfortably... AND HE SHOWS UP IN A SUIT WITH A MUSIC VIDEO BACKDROP. But that's okay, because he had some pretty nice answers LOLOL
Taeyang & GD showed themselves in fuzzy sweaters! Lol Taeyang probably felt the awkwardness throughout the whole night~ But he totally made me jealous with all those gifts wahhh
GD contemplating about life.. JUST KIDDING. He was so funny and cute! Random and a bit awkward hehe. But I would be too if all those people were standing there watching me O:
Disclaimer-- I do not own any of the content. All credits go to Naver. This is just to share with fellow kpoppers.
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I kinda hoped wearing fuzzy sweaters would be bigbang's thing for the broadcasts lol. But TOP still looked nice
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Top looked like Top. I'm hoping it gets English subs soon.
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