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VIXX Challenge: Day 15

Day 15: My Day With VIXX So I just totally missed yesterday, mainly because I was feeling uninspired and lazy. Alas, those feelings have not been shaken. And I couldn't think of anything really fun to do as a group. So I split mine into more of an individual member hang throughout the day.
Firstly, Hongbin and I would make sure and pack up our cameras, go to somewhere beautiful, and do some photography together! And if the members are with us, we can all do a fun photoshoot together.
Then I would hop into the studio with Leo and Ravi and watch them create. Both are so damn talented and I just really want to see the magic happen. Obviously the other boys would be there playing around behind the scenes being adorable.
Finally, I just really wanna hang out with these three. Maybe go get lunch together? Ken and I would probably be really good friends (he reminds me a lot of my best friend aka my sister) and Hyuk is just too much of a stink to not be a good time. Ken, Hyuk and I would just be crazy and goofy while N tries to regain control and superiority. Which he will get from me eventually, since he is older and I don't want to be rude. But then Ken, my same age friend, would provoke me and we would go back to annoying Hakyeon.
Alright, sorry for the rushed card. I will have 16 out later today. :)
@baileykayleen of course you can join!!! hahaha. yeah I think because he likes winning he would get sooooo serious about it lol
@byeolbit deal! As long as I can join in on the laser tag on your day with VIXX :) I have a feeling Leo would be super good at laser tag lol.
Doens't seem rushed to me hehe I want to join in on this day too!!!! It sounds fun!!!!
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